Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kid Icarus and Bloody Vampire : Bought, Finished!

Recently bought these two games.
I haven't bought a new game in a while, so I decided to look through the e-shop for something interesting and saw these two. And they were both cheap, I was interested in the original game for Kid Icarus (3DS) and the reviews for Bloody Vampire wasn't bad, so I decided to give them a try.
I believe both are available in the English 3DS e-shops?

 Well, they both were around expected.
Bloody Vampire wasn't really that hard. The Metroid-like system. But because it is a small game, there is only one world, a big one with different areas. This makes backtracking after receiving certain abilities a tad bit annoying. However, the tackle system and magic wasn't bad. However, while the Dark magic proved necessary to destroy blocks, the other magics weren't really necessary. I couldn't really tell the difference in the characteristics of the Fire and Thunder magic (both shoot forward).
Also, even though it was mostly easy, the final boss actually proved to be a challenge.
Completed in 5 hours.

Kid Icarus was pretty hard. You can't save in the middle of stages and it is fairly ruthless. Falling off the screen kills you immediately unless you have a Feather, which is somewhat expensive.
And what I hated the most were those enemies that popped out of the ground and shot at you. In general, you just have to avoid it. If you try to shoot and kill it, you usually receive damage as well from their bullet. And there is no point in killing them, because a new one pops up without delay.
And the snakes in the pots. Infinite. Annoying. Everywhere.
But it was fun. Also, it was interesting seeing the old Pit, the Pit in the end (macho?), and Palutena.
Completed in 3 hours.

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