Monday, May 13, 2013

Recently playing Age of Wonders : SM...

You know, I still recall buying it when I was pretty young. And surprisingly, I still have the box!

So I hear AoW3 is coming out.
I am somewhat excited, but after Age of Empire's disappointing 3rd game, I am cautious. I've seen some screenshots and the change to 3D is already making a sweat mark appear on my head.
I honestly do not care for "beautiful" graphics and prefer easy-to-see simple graphics like in AoW:SM

Anyways, I am currently going through scenario and just finished Meandor's 3rd.
It was annoying trying to catch Phobius while he spanned Knights against me along with Fire Domain and City Plague.

But well, it was only a matter of time. I had over +1000 Gold income at the end, so I was able to churn out Lords and Reapers by the turn.
Heroes were all really strong too.
I was also able to take Phobius' lv20 Hero through the Incarnate you get at the beginning (3rd pic below, Mynar)! Sweet.

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