Saturday, May 25, 2013

Shin Megami Tensei IV : Part-way Post 1

 No particular reason or anything exciting, but I have recently got to a new part of the game, so I just wanted to post my team so far.

I really want to increase my max stock, but I also am focusing on getting the apps that increase your demons' stats as they level up, so I haven't recently increased the limit.
I want to fuse some of these, but I am also waiting on the materials to learn all of their skills first...

The bosses are really brutal. If they pull off even one critical, they are gonna proceed to decimating your entire team...
I was able to take out Minotaur by bringing in three demons that knew Ice magic.
I was able to defeat Medusa with my main team so far (as shown below, Angel, Tam Lin, Fortuna) by casting Sukukajya (increases evasion) and evading Medusa's attack, forcing her to lose a movement.

Napaia (sp?) was fused to make her. As always, the healer, but she also has good magic, so "San" proves to be useful. Rakukajya(?) to boost defense, mainly against bosses.

 Special fusion created this guy. I'm not sure, but since it is a special fusion, I think he is strong?
 His basic attack hit twice, which is indeed strong. The physical attacker of my party.

 Special fusion number 2.
 Sukukajya and full party healing. She looks like she'd be strong in the magic area, but as you can see, her strength is higher...

Me, so far. I only have four skills, level 3 weakest ice magic, level 2 weakest fire magic, Sukukajya, and a level 1 physical skill.

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