Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Game Sales of the Week (12/11/13)

And yet as we get closer to Christmas, Pacman rears his head from the ground... Oh the blue on the chart...
Lots of new games this week!

-Gran Turismo 6 tops the chart at 204,000+. Although it is at the top...
Gran Turismo 5 was around twice this in the first week. Now I hear there are plenty of problems, including DLC and a disappointing GT5, so perhaps it is the fate of this series... And now that I look at it, this is released by SCE? When have they been able to maintain a brand? Crash was a great game...

-Dragon Quest releases an updated? Version of the online game, 10. Not sure if there is anything to say about it though. Same goes for Bravely Default.

-Attack on Titan's game does surprisingly good with 93,000. This is considerably high for an anime game, which usually hovers around 30,000~50,000. Well, I do find it good the staff at least tried to implement action and follow the game, instead of the usual 100% visual novel stance.
However, it personally looks repetitive and dull to me and I never really liked the series that much, so I'm not buying it. If I wanted to hunt giant monsters, I'd play Monster Hunter.

-Inazuma Eleven Galaxy Big Bang and Super Nova version gets a total of 91,000+.
From what I know, the previous two version game was Go Shine and Dark version, which had a first week of 141,458. A fair decrease. But I really don't know much about Inazuma and the popularity, which might have something to do with the drop.

-The last game to notice is Yugioh. It has been two years since the previous game. Result is 26,000+.
World Championship 2010 was 24,000+. 2011 was 22,000+. Tag Force 1 was 20,000+. TG6 was 66,000+.
I guess the results are so-so? Not too bad, not surprisingly good either.
And for some reason, Famitsu's Yugioh numbers is around 10,000 greater. What's with the difference?

-Hardware wise, Nintendo systems see a big boost as 3DS will continue? to keep 6 digits this week.
Even the WiiU rose above the other systems.
Vita sees a small boost.
And VitaTV............ Well, I told you before, but the idea itself was already stupid. See the results?

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