Saturday, December 7, 2013

Monster Hunter 4: Medal Completed!

( ̄∇ ̄)v ドヤッ! Got them all. Boy, that was difficult...

 The top image was rather random. I was just doing a Tigrex Sub's Guild Quest when I updated my Small Gold Crown with an even smaller one. Which really didn't matter much to me.

Anyways, here is my completion! Full 100%!
Finally, FINALLY completed ALL of the medals. Damn, that was long and hard.
Without a doubt, the top three hard ones were:\
Colosseum All S - Requires you to find another good player who knows a good strategy/follows a good strategy
10 Cats at Max Level - Simply requires a lot of grinding
Big/Small Crowns - Giga Grinding

I have already talked about the Colosseum, but the hardest ones were the 2 Virused Dragons and Kechawacha.

For the 10 cats, I simply grinded by repeating the Upper level Exploration. Also did some Guild Quests with the cats. I only leveled up Healing and Bomber, because those two are (personal opinion) the strongest two types. Healing really saves your resources. Bomber does good damage, but unless you are a Gunner, it is not uncommon to be blown away from their bombs, which is annoying.

Current guild card front page:

Weapon Usage:
Katana and Light Bowguns have the least usage. I think I only used Light Bowgun in the colosseum...

Mainly used the Healing skills for my partners:

And here are my crowns:
Big/Small Crowns are of course a nightmare. I still don't have all of the Gold Big Crowns, but it is too painful to care.
There are ones that you get when you really aren't aiming for it. Then there are the times you take out the smallest of a monster only to get close to the crown but not get the crown. And then you have to grind again. This happened three times with Kusha Daora.
Grabimos is so big, you can't even tell the difference between sizes. (The way to tell is make it fall asleep and check the height of the head) I was lucky to get Grabimos Sub's two crowns right away.
Rajyan is also another hard one to figure out. On top of that, he is hard to fight too.
Shagara, Teo, and Kusha are all pretty easy to see though. Very small. Of course, there are ways to tell the smallest sizes for pretty much all, if not all, monsters.

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