Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Game Sales of the Week (12/4/13)

Finally got the smallest Rajyan and now working on my last medal, leveling 10 of those cats to level 20...

Oh, and congrats on Bravely Default getting a second game, though it seems the title will only share "Bravely"
Oh, and it better not have DLC like For The Sequel
Anyhow, it is now December...

Welcome to December, where the holiday boost starts appearing. As one might already know, there is not a company more affected (positively) by this boost than Nintendo...

-Thanks to the boost + Miku? The 3DS family reaches 6 digits once more!
-Nothing new came out, but the WiiU also increased to almost 30,000

-Unfortunately, it seems the holiday boost has not taken effect for the PS consoles, as they slightly drop from last week. The boost the Vita got a few weeks ago is finally disappearing?

On the software side,
-Project Mirai 2 comes out with 88708 for the first week
The original game was 86,676, so it actually increased. To be honest, to me, both games don't look that different, so I'm surprised the same number+ bought it. Never understood the popularity of those Nendoroid(?) characters.

-Sangoku Musou 7's updated? version comes out with 35472
6's updated version was 82,901
-Similarly, Assassin's Creed 4 deals out 35,348
AC3 was 72,504
...Mm? Not sure what these drops are about.

-Super Robot OG Infinite Battles seems to have a bad week too, but it seems that this game is not part of the main series and is a different genre, thus this result.
Is what I hear. Don't keep up with the series.

-Pokemon XY rejuvenated from the boost

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