Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Monster Hunter 4: Excavation Equipment Complete!

Well, it was actually complete a bit while ago, but getting to write about it now.
The prized KirinU set!
Yes, not all of the equipment are the special excavation design, but I chose the designs I liked the most and the arm design and leg designs did not appear to me. The horn head is too "magnificent" for the general atmosphere of the clothes, so I chose the special design Furufuru Nurse hat instead.

I think the most awesome part is the weapon, which is RARE 7! This equipment set can't work without this accessory set (+4) on the weapon and not only did I get a weapon with the accessory, but it was Rare 7. It had Poison and glows Purple, which fits the Poison element.
The edge is not that great, but the Hammer does not attack all that much and I am not complaining, because everything else is great.

This is my skill set. Digesting the multi-skill skills, in total, the skills that have activated are:
Attack+ (Big)
Full Charge (+Attack when at full health)
Evasion Distance
Evasion Specs+1
As perfect as it gets for a full excavation gear.

And here is the appearance!
Got the FuruFuru from Basauras Sub-Species and the rest from Shagara Magara.

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