Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Game Sales of the Week (11/06/13)

Currently trying to get a set of Kirin U excavation equipment in Monster Hunter.
1 Pokemon raised, 2 bred, 3 to go in Pokemon Y.

Not a particularly exciting week, but a couple of happenings.

-Danball Senki Wars release with 50,217
I believe Senki W was a total of 100,000 area, with PSP and Vita. So with only 1 system, half is pretty much on the same level then?
And kind of amused it switched systems like that

-WiiParty U
Wii Party:  223,595
Wii Party U: 37,371
Mm... I can't remember the specifics of WiiParty (I know that Sports sold with the system). But I guess the results aren't that good.

-Neptune Rebirth
It seems that Neptune V(?) was 35,670
This time was 31,811
It is a bit surprising that despite the anime, there was no growth. Rebirth... so remake? Don't know.

-And wow, nostalgic, Tears to Tiara. Watched the anime, not bad. And I am surprised they were still making games for that series.

-As for hardware sales, another surprisingly stable week for the Vita. The WiiU sees a boost thanks to the new combo pack, which proves that the terrible sales recently were the people waiting for the new sale

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