Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Monster Hunter 4: Shagara Magara

Shagara Magara, of Monster Hunter 4.
Introducing this fellow in this article. Not really talking about the story, so no spoilers there.
Image spoiler, I guess, so everything after the Read More point.


 Shagara Magara, everyone's favorite punching bag. Why?
Because his attacks are extremely strong, but easy to avoid generally, if you understand his movements. He is also big and easy to hit. Yet at the same time, he gives the highest quality of rewards upon defeating him in Guild Quests.
Most famous is he known for giving the KirinU equipment, which everyone wants, because of the fanservice-nature design, including the Kirin Bra and Garter. The only other set of monsters that give this equipment is Yian Garuga and Rajyan, both very hard monsters to fight, especially compared to Magara.

Magara has several moves (of course)
Ground Smash
Three-way Breath
Backwards Swipe
Twisting Tackle
Aerial Dive
Aerial Single Breath
Aerial Tackle
Ground Pound
Explosion Breath
Time-detonation Breath
(Named by me)

Ground Smash and Explosion Breath are devastatingly powerful, killing even 600~ defense at level 100. When angry, he uses Explosion Breath twice in a row. They MUST be avoided.
He will sometimes use Ground Smash after two Ground Pounds, backing up enough to hit the target, so you cannot let your guard down thinking the Ground Pounds were over.

His most annoying moves are the Landmines and Time-detonation bombs, because they are the main causes of damage. The bomb is usually placed behind the target, which explodes in three ways after a short moment. Obviously in the different direction as Magara, it is hard keeping an eye on both while attacking. The landmines are just random and if you are caught in Magara's binding roar, you could get into a 100% hit moment.
His Aerial Dive is also surprisingly hard to dodge because of the distance and speed.

Of course, I got my KirinU equipment from Shagaras. Already defeated 200!
I'll introduce the equipment next time.

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