Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Game Sales of the Week (11/27/13)

Trying to find and defeat Rajyan's smallest version to get the Small Crown mark, but damn, not appearing... not appearing... *cries*
How long are they going to drag on Lightning?

Which is fine itself, but then you see her wearing cat ears and stuff, you know?
And then you are all like face-palming, you know? Rolling your eyes, you know?

-But even then, it tops the list this week.
Unfortunately, it seems to be stable in a bad way. Stable as in, a stable drop.
Just let that girl rest!

-Super Mario World is 2nd with almost 100,000
3DS Super Mario 3D Land              344698
3DS New Super Mario Brothers 2           430185
WiiU New Super Mario Brothers U          170563
An unfortunate drop, but you know, it isn't that surprising. My main problem is that I can't even tell the difference. All of the names are so similar + My lack of interest in Mario = Can't tell what is the difference between this game and the previous, can't find a reason to buy it.
Especially since I don't have a WiiU. Which probably explains the lack of growth for the WiiU too.

-One Piece 3rd with 83,605. I can't really find much data about One Piece, but I hear this isn't that good compared to previous games.
The most recent? seems to be DS's Gigant Battle 2, with 100,000 area. So-so similar results?

-Aikatsu gets 72,087. Compared to the previous 3D game's 4 digit first week, I can see this is a great improvement. What happened?

-There is some kind of New Atrie or something on this list... What is this? A remake?Awfully low results though.

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