Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Game Sales of the Week (11/13/13)

To be honest, it isn't that interesting of a week, but since there are number comparisons and the article will reach a fair size, I'll add the Read More option.
Plan to write more articles soon, but various work and other stuff... man... Oh, and a cold...

-3DS game Metal Max 4 comes out with 17,867
Metal Max 3 was 50,838
Metal Max 2: Reload was 24,233

The older games for this series is REALLY old, so there aren't any numbers I can find.
Overall, the results wasn't that good. I have no interest in the series, so I can't really tell why. Because people are too busy with other games like Pokemon and Monster Hunter?
Few people have bought it, but so far, the overall opinion of the game is not bad though.

-Akiba Strip 2 (Multi of PS3 and Vita) comes out, with 20230 and 33476, respectively.
Akiba Strip was 58,150. If added together, the results are pretty similar. Almost like the audience split pretty well, I'd say, amusingly.

-Exstetra comes out for the Vita and 3DS. Expected, but the Vita version sells more, though both have a pitiful first week. Then again, there was nothing at all interesting about the PV or the concept, so I was far from wanting to buy it and can understand this result.
Tony's artwork is great and all, but too many of the games he drew for were bad and there is always this atmosphere that Game with Tony's artwork = Bad game... Eroge too.

-No interest in Battlefield, no interest in some stupid BandaiNamco game, so ignoring the rest.

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