Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Game Sales of the Week (11/20/13)

I guess my cold is getting better.
Mm... At least it isn't anything worse? I think.

Anyways, this week's MVP is VitaTV and GE2! What does GE even stand for? I can't recall.

Now that I check, it stands for God Eater.
-Anyways, 2 gets 266,326 for the Vita and 112,024 for the PSP. It is good news for the Vita that its Multi games are selling more than the PSP, signalling that the consumers are finally moving on to the new console?
The original GE was 270,000 area, meaning in total, you can say that GE2 surpassed the previous game.

Thanks to GE2? Vita's sales stay steady yet another week!

-3DS gets a couple of new games, but I honestly did not follow either. I do find Medabot nostalgic though. Watched the anime as a kid.
Sales are overall steady.

Anyways, a good week? For the PS world, as it dominates the top 3 of the list.
The Vita + VitaTV defeats the 3DS family! Not actually the first time, but a rare occurence indeed.
That said, since the VitaTV is more of a home console than a handheld, I'm not sure if it should be added. *shrug* Doesn't matter too much. It's a weird addition, so I am not sure how to treat it.
Did it sell well for a new version of an old console? Or if it is treated as a different thing from the Vita, did it do well for a new console?
Something like that.

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