Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Game Sales of the Week (12/18/13)

Closer to Christmas... The stronger the holiday boost becomes... It grows! IT GROWS!
Oh, and Pacman is trying to close his mouth again.

-As one might know, Puzzle & Dragon comes out today! To be honest, how it would do was a big mystery. After all, it was a very rare occurrence(?) where a big hit seller on the smartphone was made for a video game handheld. Would it sell a million like the company expected?
Well, a good half million for the first week. And it isn't even Christmas yet. At best (worst?), it could reach a million by the end of the year.

-PS3 gets Nobunaga' Ambitions. 54,590 first week.
信長の野望・創造(PS3)    54590
信長の野望 天道(PS3)     41200
信長の野望 革新(PS2)     38560
信長の野望 天下創生(PS2)  28175
信長の野望 蒼天録(PS2)   46921 
Oldest game is at bottom? Anyways, an amusingly steady series.

-Nintendo Boost still in process. Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Mario, Animal Crossing, Luigi, etc. all re-emerge. Attack on Titans has a steady 2nd week.
-Also, according to the recent Nintendo Direct, Luigi's Mansion 2 reached a million sold. Wow!

-Hard-ware-wise, the game systems all see a rise, with the 3DS and WiiU (Nintendo consoles) leading the way.

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