Thursday, March 13, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (3/12/14)

It is a random story, but for some reason, on Gamefaqs, there is a mod that closes the Vita Weekly Sales topic for the bad mouthing and stuff, but that same mod does not close the one on the WiiU board, which is even worse. Surely there is absolutely nothing going on in the shadows, right?

I'll update on Monster Hunter 4 in a bit. I've done some new stuff, made new equipment

-The updated? version of Soul Sacrifice (also known as one of the Monster Hunter clones that tried to take its place) gets first place with a bit less than 50,000.
The original was 105,000. Not sure if this is 2 or 1 Updated though.

-Surprisingly, Youkai Watch still at the top, now past a half-million.

-Various other games holding on to the list, though the bottom half is full of 4 digit results

-Ciel no Surge's sequel(?) Arno Surge comes out. We can't forget how absolutely disastrous the first game was. Bugs, bugs, and crap in general.
The original was 31,000, btw. Considering how bad the first game was, I'm surprised it got close with 27,000

-Hardware-wise, the usual. Vita sees a boost thanks to Ciel? (Really? Wow). PS4 continues to drop.

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