Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (3/5/14)

Week 2! of the PS4

-Well, a huge drop, but it isn't anything special. Similar to the Vita...
Which means... But no, surely the PS4 won't follow the same path?!
It is actually below the Vita and WiiU at the moment.

-Software-wise, it is surprisingly balanced.
The new Harvest Moon comes in first with Kaseki Holder in 3rd. A lot of the old faces in the ranking as well. A few new PS games down the list as well, with a few PS4 games holding on(?)

-The previous Harvest Moon game for the 3DS did 79,809 for the first week. Quite a growth, with 130,000.

-One week before Youkai Watch passes the half-million mark

PS: Has everyone forgot the PSVitaTV exists?

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