Monday, March 17, 2014

Monster Hunter 4: More Good Rare 7s and Armor Sets

So now that my count of killing Rajang has closed in to 1500, I thought I'd show off some more stuff.

A few new armor sets, of course, focusing on appearance (but still usable), and some usable Rare 7s I have got since the last post.

 First off is a new Greatsword armor set. The typical Iai (put away weapons faster + stun damage upon unsheathing your weapon) + the skill that increases your critical by 100% upon unsheathing + Focus (charge faster).
The great thing about this set is that if you have a 3 slot weapon, you can do this skill set with 3 armor parts being Iai and the remaining being 3 slot, allowing great visual customization. Depending on your charm, even less weapon slots can be used.
I used Rebellion torso (excavation version) + Leoheart hip (excavation version) + Goa head for a Demon Knight-type of look. Furufuru Arm because it is pink. The leg, because of how big the Leoheart hip is, doesn't really matter that much.

The next one is using a multi-skill that gives Evasion Ability+1 and a skill that lessens the stamina used for stuff such as dodging and allows emergency diving towards the enemy.
I also wanted a Demon Knight-look for this one, so I used the Goa S head. Naturally, the other skills (because of this head) became Challenger+2 and Cutting Edge+1.
The torso and hip are both Rebellion (excavation version) and the feet is Kirin (excavation version). I chose Kirin because I wanted a general "light" feel to the appearance.

The last new armor set is this. It is just a typical Gunlance skill set, but by limiting the skills to just what is needed (Guard Ability + 2, the skill that reduces usage of cutting edge, and Cannon Master), I was able to change the Torso, Hip, and Feet to any 3 Slot weapon, allowing me to have great control over the appearance
I simply chose the excavated version of Sazami. Looks great, eh?

 And here are all of the newest Rare 7s I have gotten, that have some worth:
 I equipped Cutting Edge+1 this time to show more clearly the cutting edge for the weapons.

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