Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (3/19/14)

A random story, but mechanical watches can't adapt to the fact months are not just 31 days, so I constantly have to adjust it myself. Fine with me, but sometimes forgetful.
Anyways, not too much this week. Though I guess since I am making one comparison, I'll save room by doing a "Read More"

-The only main new game to come out this week is Dark Soul 2. Compared to the previous game (PS system, since XBOX is dead in Japan):
Dark Soul 1: 228,872
Dark Soul 2: 255,000+
A surprising growth. Then again, I don't keep up with the series, so I don't know how good the original game was, that could have brought this growth

-Other than that, the usual or so.
Knack disappeared
Package version of Pokemon XY about to pass 4 million
Youkai Watch still (surprisingly) around the top of the list and steady
Kirby Triple Deluxe passes half-million mark

-I'm going to assume Vita is going steady because of the new Jump game, but dang, I know Sony's system sales are usually weird, but despite selling near the 3DS numbers, there is barely any game in sight, on the sales list... In the PS world, is it normal to just buy a console without a game?

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