Thursday, April 19, 2018

Brave Dungeon + Dark Witch Story:COMBAT: Complete!

Technically, I didn't collect 100% for the Gacha Mini-game, but oh-well. Still 100% the two games.
Currently curious about this, coming out next week. What's important is how playable it is without having to use real money to buy cards.

Anyways, always feels good to complete a game before moving on to another.
(It's always hard to tell when it looks better to just tuck everything other a Read More or just show the entire thing straight out)

Like I said before, the UI is really stress-free, and the achievements were not that hard.
The hardest definitely was beating the final boss using only Lv20 or lower characters, but with preparation and grinding, it is pretty doable.

As for this one, once you get the guardians (as shown below), it is pretty easy going since they are so powerful. There is technically one more rank of cards above them, but they are strong enough to win against those.
And there were quite a number of cards featuring characters not even in Brave Dungeon (probably from the main games).

 And overall, 45 hours. Not bad for 10$?
I kinda forgot to switch the language back to English for this screenshot, but the important one is easy enough to see.

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