Sunday, April 1, 2018

Seisou no Amazoness: Complete!

There are a few images and it gets kinda big, so I hid it under a Read More line.
Full 100% on everything.
Oh, and I had tried to make a video on the game, but
1. The quality sucks (I don't have a modded 3DS, BTW)
2. It physically is tiring to record using my phone
3. The size gets so big, I can't even get it out of my phone for some reason
So I gave up on that plan.

So with that finished, that leaves me with two games I have bought and not played:
Corpse Party
Denssetsu no Ogre Battle (Virtual Console)

I'm also looking at Hyrule Warriors, but the size of the DL verison is huge and the English version is coming out next month. This isn't one of those games that would kill me through translated text and voices, so I want to wait for that.
Ao no Kanata kinda interests me, but it is a port of the PS4 version, after all. Nothing new, right?

...And then you get a whole bunch of games that are multi-platform with the PS4... or Steam... or for some god-damn reason, the Vita. (sigh)
I'll think about them later or when they get a 50% discount or something...

Anyways, to the point on topic...

Of course, in the Album mode

There would be way too many images to take for each dungeon, so I'll just show the 100% for the final dungeon.
To be honest, with a lack of pitfalls, it was far easier to do than the other dungeons.

And of course, Lv99 (Max) for all characters.
Again, too many images, so just one...

And fully level-ed out the moves.
Again, too many images, so just one example.
I chose this one because it referred to Red Bull. Yes, Japan still remembers that Red Bull gives you wings.

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