Monday, April 2, 2018

(゚Д゚) New Game!

Brave Dungeon, for the Switch. It is an expansion from the 3DS version, which itself is a spinoff of the main series (Majin Shoujo). It also comes with another new game created by the same company, BTW. There is no choice though, so you have to buy both together.
I had interest in the game since seeing it discounted on the 3DS, but I didn't buy it because I learned the Switch had an updated version.
Also, both Japanese and English are supported and can be changed on the fly in-game.

It is one of those dungeon-crawling games, though the battle is symbol-encounter-type.
Also, it is an Indies/Nindies. It's these smaller companies that seem to have the flexibility to ride the hype train, may you say, quicker. Less than $10, BTW. I actually don't know why I bought it from the JP eShop...

So I'll be focusing on this and Densetsu no Ogre Battle (VC) for now.

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