Saturday, April 28, 2018

WIXOSS: Booster Pack Opening - WXD-01 Klaxon

The usual, the usual
The biggest pain about the new pack is that I organize my card folders based on Color and then Class.
So when they introduce new combinations, I have to find new space for the combination.
And I don't have enough space in my shelf for more binders... Hmm... And I don't really know if I have room for a new shelf either. Hmm.......

It seems, from what I collected, that all of the booster packs contains either a parallel (Shiny) card or SR/LR/Secret. So each box contains 4 SR, 1 LR, 1 Secret, and the remaining 14 are Parallel.
Man, I learned this later, so I was like "OMG, I'm so lucky!" on the first box. And then when I got to the 2nd box, I started getting suspicious and then checked, and... Well, it is still good and all, but yeah...

So anyways, for the Parallels, I am pretty happy. I did get a few doubles between the two boxes, but more or less all of the cards I got had illustrations I liked.
I'm personally going for Midoriko for Key Selection format, because I like her new design. Guzuko isn't bad, but I already have a deck for her. Same goes for Piruluk.
And I'm not into the macho girls archetype.

As for LR/SR/Secret...
It really depends how you look at it.

From a money perspective, I missed the jackpot, because there are three LR that are especially expensive. On the other hand, it wasn't the worst it could get either.

On a personal satisfaction perspective, I am quite happy. Yes, one of my Secrets turned out to be a Signi, which is the worst outcome possible in general.
But as you can see from the top image, I bought a Midoriko starter, so getting both her LR as well as three SRs being her Signi, this is actually probably one of the best outcomes for powering up my Midoriko deck.
Also, Secret version of Piruluk Tetra is pretty beautiful. And keypot's idol Guzuko is pretty cute.

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