Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Fire Emblem (????) Warriors: HAH?! ( ゚д゚)凸

Warning: For the strange people that like this game, do not read onward as I rant about something that recently appeared in the new Nintendo Direct

What, did not get that many pre-orders for Kozaki Warriors? Well, I mean, since only people that like the two games whose characters are appearing would even care about it, less buy it, I think that would make... *gasp* brilliant sense.

-No, Shadow Dragon is like Pikachu. That's like a duty to add into the game, so I'm looking at the other games.

So then I see this, and they are like "Hey, she's popular, so let's add her into the game!"
She's not a panda, okay? How about you actually add characters into the game because they belong to the FIRE EMBLEM series? And at this rate, isn't she going to be the only FE7 character in the game?
That double sucks, since she's gonna be all alone. You got all of those Awakening and Fates characters that know each other. And then her.

So you may think, well, at least they added a character from another game, right?
No, because the reason is so shallow and slimey and s***.

So you may think, so you are gonna criticize them whether they add a character or not, right?
No. First of all, they gave the wrong reason to introduce her into the game.
Second, it is already too late. The fact you already filled the entire game with characters from just TWO (I say again, the duty-Shadow Dragon is a different story) games has already spelled your doom, and at this point, the only way you could redeem yourself is if you added just as many characters from each other game.

So you may say, that's too many?
Well, it sure wasn't "many" when they decided to add only Awakening/Fates characters, so stop trying to find excuses over excuses.

So you may say, Bu-bu-but Awakening/Fates characters sell!
Did the Megami Tensei collaboration sell?
Yeah. I'll sit back and watch it bomb, but frankly, even if it somehow succeeds, it doesn't hurt me either. Since I really don't care about the game at all. Unfortunately, it popped its ugly face in front of the screen during the Nintendo Direct.

PS: Kozaki's artwork is pretty bad. I don't know who is drawing/modeling the characters in this game, but out of all illustrators to copy, he's not a good choice. Those flat faces... *shudder*

Oh, and if you are wondering why there is no Fire Emblem tag, it's because it isn't Fire Emblem. The Fire Emblem I know doesn't contain 2 games in the series.

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