Thursday, September 7, 2017

Mercenary Saga 2 (3DS): Review

Yeah, the title says "Review", but there is no review. Just look at what I wrote for Mercenary Saga 3 and everything pretty much fits for this game.

Which kinda makes sense because 2 and 3 pretty much have the exact same battle system and reuse a large number of assets.
Of course, as this is 2, 3 is probably a bit more polished, but I actually kinda liked Mercenary Saga 2's story better. Nothing long or great, but it had its pleasant surprises.

As always, a very plain and simple game, but it is fast-food meal cheap, so if you just want to play a harmless and normal RPG... Play 3 first and then play 2 if you still want such a game.

Oh, Read Next just has images of my main party in the game before the final battle.

13 hours of gameplay

Unlike Mercenary Saga 3, you don't get a even number of males and females, so you can't make an all-girls team.

Physical attacker No. 1
Only the guys really have the defense to tank

 Magic archer

High movement + Archery (I gave her one of those Puzzle Piece Bows, which made her OP for a while)

Healer, of course

 Mage, of course

Physical attacker No. 2
His high HP really allowed him to survive pretty much any type of attack

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