Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Kemono Friends Tatsuki Firing incident: My Thoughts

My thoughts? F*** you, Kadokawa.
Let me tell you, currently, in the anime industry, the staff is already being overworked. Look at the recent anime season. Over half of the anime showed clear and sometimes terrible animation quality declines by the second half of the season.
Story? Hardly. You got terrible plots like ReCreators, the most mundane crap like Fate/Apo, a whole bunch of stuff that were just there, and a few that were interesting.

And comes along this guy who literally revives a dead series by himself, shedding blood and tears, and now that the series is popular and makes money, you try to find an excuse and remove him?

Do you know what you did? You killed a 1-in-10 years level anime hit in one night. The kindness in that anime, the innocence, the fun. You corrupted it with this scandal. Even if this somehow has a good ending, the fact that underneath all of this is a greedy, slimy, screwed-up company is enough to greatly damage what Tatsuki rebuilt.

And it probably isn't even about money. Because no one sane that cared about money would remove Tatsuki. No, there is more likely another deep cause inside Kadokawa, be it jealousy or whatelse that wants to remove the "outsider" to take the entire thing for itself.
And if Tatsuki did not risk his entire career to go against the corporate giant bully, it was likely Kadokawa would have went out of their way to make sure he is painted as the traitor.

And don't give me finger-pointing that its all their fault, Kadokawa. Even if everything you said was true (and no one believes you, BTW), you had all the means to negotiate and come up with a solution that doesn't cut off your money tree.
And yes, another sad thing is that since this series was dead in the first place, it probably doesn't even "hurt" the company, as they are just back to where they started. No, only every single other person in this world lost something thanks to you.

And let me just say. I came into this anime before it became popular. I was trying to advertise it before it became popular, because I watched and realized that this was something magical. Incredible!
So yeah, I was fairly invested into this and am equally irritated that the poisonous fangs of some s***a** idiots ruined it.

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