Sunday, September 10, 2017

WIXOSS: Booster Pack Opening - WX-20 Connected Selector

Two boxes as usual
(The white box is there because my finger was in the image)

For Secret, it was so-so this time around. I do like Succeed Destruct's artwork (with Hajimari), but I don't really see myself using it. Similarly, I don't use... or rather, I don't have their fusion form, so I can't use the Cross Signi. On the other hand, I get to complete the Cross image for the two in their new outfit!

For LR, it was also so-so. While both are useful and all, the one with Midoriko is pretty cheap to get. Also, I didn't get the most expensive, Dark Cognate.

For SR, I am pretty satisfied. I did not get any doubles, for one thing. Also, I got one copy of Fuurai (2nd row, most right) for Dona's deck.
Also, I really wanted the one on the 3rd row, most left one just for the picture. Her sister was... fine and all, but now we get a loli wearing the same transparent dress. Now we're in business.
Finally, the two on the 2nd row, most and 2nd-most left, are the most expensive SR this pack. So collection-wise, it would be best to get these from the pack and buy the cheaper SR later. Of course, artwork and effects live up to the price.

As for the Parallels/Shinies...
I am kinda disappointed at the fact there is almost no difference between the normal version and Parallel version of the CD cards. The CD artwork is slightly bigger, but that's really it.

Anyways, for the first box,
Ashiren is important, because I believe this is the only shiny version of her in existence. She comes in Umr's starter, but there are no shiny copies in it. (Second to the left)
Gushion up close allows you to enjoy her furry-ness better, I guess. You can see her entire body (to the foot). (Second the the right)
I wanted Sunahiko's Parallel too.

As for the second box... Well, it turned out to be a Shiny box. 19/20 packs had a Parallel card, along with the SR, LR, Secret.

Arch Floud (sp?) is not only a great artwork, but it is actually the most expensive Parallel out of the pack, at least following Yuyu-tei's prices. (3rd row, most left)
I managed to get the Parallels for Hackadoll #1 and #3, but I missed out on #2.
Modern and Yamori just look great up close (1st row, most and 2nd-most left).
By The Way also looks LR-y. (2nd row, 2nd to right)
Anyways, really enjoyed getting so many Parallels. The Coin this time doesn't have any character on it, so it was a great trade to get more Parallels in exchange for no Coins.


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