Saturday, September 23, 2017

Monster Hunter XX: HR999 and Fasion Hunting

Finally reached HR999!

Oh, and the weapon use statistics at this point.

And I also am taking this opportunity to show off some of my fashion armor. Thanks to the armor fusing and all, I really had fun doing so.
Oh, but since there were so many, I did not bother to retake images. So some image might be a bit blurry. But as long as you can get the idea.
Also, I did not take images of armor sets that are completely from one armor set. (Though I still use some because they are cute/cool)

First one is this. A Rathian mix. I prefer the subspecies version, but unfortunately, it doesn't exist, so I had to go with green. It doesn't look as princess-knight-y as the pink one...

Agna body with ponytails. The armor is for battles against volcanic monsters, which is why I made the armor set mainly Agna.

 Arctic clothing-type thing

 Another Agna-based armor set. Vs. Chameleos. That's why Agna. Fire.

 Regios + Pirate Hat

 Archery girl version 1

Archery girl version 2

 Dark skin + Demon girl outfit = Always win

 Teostra mix. The armor set is for vs. Teostra too.

I hid the bothersome bug-y armor parts, to make it look more like an exotic dancer and such.

 Kirin mix. Kirin always works.

 College student? The glasses is a good topping.

Those enemy female admins. It's an Astalos mix, using certain parts from certain sets to maximize the revealed skin.... but also leaving a natural feel.

Normal girl set. I always liked this leg armor since MH4, because you can change the color to make it look like any color of pantyhose.

The good ol' Zodias set. Except I switched the head armor because I do not really like that hairstyle.

 Yes, I like the demon girl look.

Asterisk armor, though the head is switchable with any Pierce.

Deviant Tetsucabra.... except I actually switched out the arm for a normal Tetsucabra. I like this better.

Robot girl. You can completely change the color of this armor, which makes it quite fun to play with.

Not much to say here. I wanted to make an armor set using the jersey.

Yet another demon girl set. Ideally, I wanted the MH4G's excavation version of Dragon, but since it doesn't exist, I'm using the collaboration armor for demon wing torso.

Mixed Zinogre. Another classic like Kirin.

Conan's collaboration armor + Ushio and Tora's head
You might be wondering, what? Well, when you pull out your weapon, your hair grows. Though I guess very-short hair doesn't look too bad in it too.
The basic idea is girl in rider suit.

 Another Asterisk mixed set. Yeah, that armor set looks good.

 Tamamitsune mix. I don't really like Deviant Tama's head armor, so I switched that out.

Viking/Barbaric warrior look.

Chinese-ish armor set

 Obviously... Ninja.

The Gypceros mix that I also used in MH4G. Looks like a detective to me, BTW.

Tropics look?

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