Saturday, August 11, 2018

Etrian Odyssey X: Diary 2

While I say Diary 2, I am actually talking about the third dungeon (as numbered in the game). This is because I am ignoring the tutorial dungeon...

So this article is on the "Giant's Ruin" mini-dungeon and the 3rd dungeon. I ignored the first mini-dungeon because there just wasn't really anything to talk about. It was literally just the same dungeon as the one from one of the previous games, where you can fight the deer FOEs. This one has more to talk about.

So the Giant's Ruin mini-dungeon was actually pretty cool. As you can see from below, it is covered in damage floors, but these damage areas are not really there just to damage you.
You see, the FOE in this map are the types that become active only while you are in battle. And in some rooms, they are blocking the path to the door. So in some rooms, you have to get passed them without them moving. And in other rooms, you have to enter battles and bait them towards you, and then exit battle.
And in rooms with these FOE, your encounter rate is greatly increased AND stepping on a damage tile will instantly 100% cause an enemy encounter. So you have to use this gimmick to get to the end.

Yes, it was quit tiring, but it was also unique and fun.
And I don't have an image of the FOE because I didn't actually fight it yet.

BTW, at the very end, there is a very obvious boss room, and he's the boss. Yeah, this guy. We all know him well.

So then, as for the 3rd dungeon...

Hmm, I don't know, there just isn't really that much to say about this dungeon. Each floor has a unique FOE gimmick and you can either solve the puzzle or directly fight and get rid of the FOE in your way. Especially compared to the mini-dungeon, it didn't really stand out that much.

For instance, this game has a short line-of-sight, which you need to use to get passed him.
In battle, he is a very simple enemy that just attacks you. He only has one skill, which hits your entire party. And that is all. Simple, but as a FOE, he has quite some power.

And next, we have another nostalgic enemy, the scorpion type.
His gimmick is that he is invisible and blocking your path, so you have to get near him and then run away, baiting him. And then by going in a circle, you get passed where he was blocking.
In battle, if your level is too low, he ends up kinda being a luck game. Because his skill does damage to random party members and can cause random status ailments (Sleep, Poison). Whether it ends up hitting your entire party and causing/not causing status ailments greatly decides if you are going to win the battle.

And finally, you get the boss. Yeah, the Wyvern. Wait... weren't you like, a superboss in the previous games? And now you are just an early-game boss?
The first time you fight him, you cooperate with some NPC that will occasionally distract him, causing him to lose a turn.
Although I ended up using 2 Amritas, I actually defeated him on my first try. And there was no 2nd boss after him. For these reasons, the dungeon really didn't feel that memorable. Of course, this is partially because he gets distracted by the NPC at times, allowing you to recover from his attacks.

Oh, and some people might find meeting everyone's favorite dark skinned, scantly clothed shop keeper, Sirka, in this dungeon more important.

So the only thing that really stood out for him was his two Lighting-based attacks. While they have relatively low accuracy, they do nearly instant-kill damage. And he sometimes will bind your leg, causing them to 100% hit.

And my party at the time of victory. As you can see, I did use a lot of skill points to get new skills, but I hardly changed my equipment from the previous boss. And I didn't really do any grinding to level up.

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