Saturday, August 4, 2018

Hieeeeeeeeee!! New Game!

...I think I was able to express my excitement pretty well.
Yep, the new Etrian Odyssey game! There was also another announcement about a new game in the works... But that is in the future and there are so many maybes, so there is no point in wasting too much energy thinking about that now.
NOW, we focus on this new game.

And yes, of course, I chose Heroic mode. Isn't that what everyone starts out with? (´・ω・`)

Oh, and I am personally happy about getting to use this Gunner. Yup, I own the original manga.
For people that don't know, one of the bonus artworks you can use in the game, as shown in the bottom-most image, is drawn by the person (FLIPFLOPS) that did the Etrian Odyssey 2 manga.
So of course, I would use it and also name it after the protagonist.

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