Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (2/12/14)

Phew... Big snow everywhere...
Allows me to stay inside more though.

Ah, and Nintendo Direct in a day or two, so be sure to check it out.
Had to check elsewhere to get some comparison data this time...

-Dragon Quest Monsters 2 comes out on top, 10 times over 2nd place, with 443,656
That said, I have never had interest in Dragon Quest, let alone a side-story game, so I can't provide any details.
Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland (Remake) for the 3DS was 488,508, first week.

Pretty steady results?

-PuyoPuyo x Tetris comes out on various consoles. Overall, the results are pretty expected, comparing hardware-wise. The most popular 3DS sells the most of the game.
As for past games, I know that in total PuyoPuyo!! on the 3DS sold around 50,000+ TOTAL
I'm not sure about PuyoPuyo 20th.
However, combination games like these tend to sell less? As buyers are forced to play both games. Also, I guess Puyo fans are satisfied with 20th.
Don't know. I guess it did good, considering how split up the game sold (4 systems?!)

-And other than that, nothing else that stood out. Some more games selling steady like Kirby.
Oh, and BandaiNamco came out with some game using anime heroines. It bombed

-Hardware-wise, the only thing noticeable is Vita finally dropping below 20,000 again.
3DS sees a rise from Dragon Quest?

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