Friday, February 21, 2014

Monster Hunter 4: Reached HR999! Part 3

 Red Miraboleas is finally out! I hear it is called Crimson Fatalis or something like that. Anyways, fought him 10 times or so, collected his material, built the only useful armor (arm-warrior), built the Lance and the Charge Axe.

Continuing from last time, these are the rest of the armor sets I made that are appearance-focused:

In general, it just seems tan characters are more adept in "cool" designs, rather than cute designs. Fortunate or unfortunate. Anyways, what I really like about this design is the head armor! Jyagi's head, which looks like a cap. Fits well with the rest of the armor.
This armor set is for weapons that have maxed out cutting edge, which cannot be increased through Edgemaster and such. But through Attack+(Big), it gains the same effect. As always, I have Evasion+3 on.

Gunner weapon set primarily using excavation Hachiyo. Wonder miko-ish, Asian atmosphere. Legs is Furufuru and head is Gunner Jinogre. I prefer the normal Gunner Jinogre head (side ponytail).
Yes, I could use a warrior head and increase my defense, but the Gunner head is cuter.
It has Dancer to increase the evasion and power, as well as the necessary Bullet Type-Up skill. I had extra room, so I gave her Attack+(Small). This armor set is used with the Light Bowgun Blizzard Tubular(?), the best Light Bowgun at piercing bullets.

 A weapon set I created using an EXTREMELY good charm I got. The charm was, WOW! Highest Number + Highest Number @ 2 Slots. For Rare 8/9, if both skills are of their highest numbers, the highest number of slots is 2, not 3.
As I result, I was able to create an armor set that gives Evasion+3 while having the necessary attack skills (Bullet Type-up, Merciless). As always, I love the Jinogre Gunner head.

 I wanted to use some of the lesser used multi-skills, so I ended up creating this set for Shield-Holder (Guard Strengthen + Stamina Recovery Speed+). I was surprised how well it turned out, design-wise. The Dragon X-chest armor and Ingot Leg (both excavated version) merge well to create this black-tights-ish suit. Greed Belt is wonderful for not covering anything.
The head and arms are unfortunately normal armor, but they were needed to get the right skills.
I was able to fit in Guard Ability++ as well as the skill that prevents you from entering the motion caused when you hit a hard target. Compared to my normal Lance armor, this one does not have Cutting Edge+, but it can't be helped. Can't fit it.

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