Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (2/19/14)

I thought I was going to be able to make it out of this winter without a cold, but damn it, the changing of the seasons seem to have gotten me a bit... *sneezes*
Anyways, a few new games this week for the Nintendo platforms. Though as you may expect, slow months are slow months.

-The sequal to Donkey Kong Returns comes out! Unfortunately, it could not claim 1st place, which goes to Dragon Quest, which did a pretty good 2nd week.
Unfortunately, Tropical only does 35,000+ while the Donkey Kong Returns did 165,859.
Of course, Returns came out after the Wii was sold greatly around the world PLUS it was the first Donkey Kong game in a long while. On top of that, the WiiU is still having trouble starting its engines.

-Let's Go with A-Cart(?) comes out for the 3DS. I think I heard about this game before somewhat, but never really understood what type of game this is.
The DS version was a bit over half of the 3DS version, so it did a comparatively good job. Looks like a pretty niche game too.

-A game for Magi also comes out, but like always, I've never cared too much about anime games, so...

-In general, a pretty blue ranking. 9/10 of the games are Nintendo platforms, but hardware sales-wise, still the slow months slow sales, it feels.

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