Friday, February 14, 2014

Monster Hunter 4: Reached HR999! Part 2

So from part 2, I wanted to show off some of my weapon sets. To be honest, there aren't enough sets available, especially when you start using Light Bowguns, each taking a separate set.

My current Edgemaster (Cutting Edge+, Attack Plus(Big)) FULL Exacavation armor set.
I'd prefer the Excavation version of the leg I have on, but I have not had a chance to get one yet.

 Don't know how to translate it, but there is this excavation skill that negates all status ailments (Poison, Sleep, KO, Paralysis). And this is the set I made. To be honest, I only made this armor set because of the weapon I got, which had the gems for that skill stuck on it.
More of a "cool" armor than cute though. I think it turned out good.

 My current Sleep Explosion armor set. With a Special Attack+6 Slot 3 charm, you can put on a full Excavation armor set (all with 3 slots) and get EXACTLY the correct skills for sleep bombing.
The main charm of this armor is using Tokiwa! A considerably nice looking armor set, especially the torso + hip combo. It is difficult to get, residing in the Dos A slot for Tigrex, Kirin, and Goa Magara, but it is worth it. Excavation Kirin's head is always useful and good looking, and for some reason, I thought the Sazami excavation legs look great with the rest, so I got and used it.

 My current Bow armor set. With 3 slots on the weapon and (Some type of arrow boost)+5 Slot 3, with three pieces of armor being Dancer and the rest two being 3 Slots, you can use full Excavation armor and get the necessary skills for a bow, Focus and Arrow Boost. Dancer gives a further boost as well as allows you to dodge attacks easier (and very helpful at that).
The arms are fairly interchangeable, but I took a while to choose the head. At first, I used Kirin, but Akamut's Gunner head fits the atmosphere better.
The main accent is Dragon X. The excavation versions shows off the shoulders as well as part of the butt.

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