Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monster Hunter 4: Reached HR999! Part 1

Yep, finally maxed out. Now my name is in blue when I go online...
Anyways, since it is a landmark of sorts, I plan to show off my collection of sorts.

First up is my Rare 7 Collection!

 My ultimate Rare 7 is this Slash Axe.
Without a doubt, it is perfect. 3 Open Slots, a cutting edge of White 60 after increasing its edge, the physical boost bin (which is better than the elemental boost), and Ice element, which is strong against Rajyang and Teo, both popular Guild Quest monsters.

My other Open Slot Rare 7s:
When Rare 7 weapons have an open slot, it will 100% be 3 slots and the cutting edge will be Edge+ White 60, Edge+White 30, or no effect from Edge+, the best three cutting edges available.
A Fire Twin Swords, a Poison Twin Swords (Both of the same design), and a Bow with Gousha (allows player to fire twice at the expense of stamina). However, the Bow's shot is not that Charge 3 Spread version, but the Charge 3 Rapid + Charge 4 Pierce type. Fine with me though, as I already have a Bow of each element for the Charge 3 Spread type.

 The best non-open-slot Rare 7, a Poison hammer with Edgemaster 4:

And then the rest of the Rare 7s:
Generally trash. I only kept them around this long to take photos of them. I'll have melted the really bad ones by the time of this post.

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