Sunday, June 24, 2012

Amusing Net Incidents (Storage)

After Nikkei's "strange" article a few days back, I've decided it is best to record these incidents, whether to have a laugh once in a while or as proof.
So I'll split this post into sections as I add stuff, but what is more fitting for the first record than Nikkei?

We all love Nikkei, that trust-able site for game info? That is why gaming news sites love to make articles on their stuff, helping them spread their wonderful rumors. I think the next time they do so, they should mark their articles as "rumors" until there is confirmed proof, because anyone can tell that Nikkei acts like Nintendo killed their parents and loves making negative posts about Nintendo, even when there isn't anything to write about. It's not even a news site, but a gossip site.

6/22/2012 incident:
They made an article on the Nintendo 3DS LL... and guess what they do? They compare the current sales with the CURRENT sales of the DS, says that since the 3DS has not sold even a tenth of the DS, Nintendo is trying to rush the LL so they can "recover".
However, realizing no one is gonna believe that crap, they quickly change it...

 Although I didn't upload a large image, the bottom line spits out another negative line about how the not many people want the 3DS right now and that the sells have stopped at around 50,000 a week. Which is weird, right?
Realizing this again, they change it again. But this time, they don't even change the last time the article was updated, so no one would notice.

7/25/2012 Nintendo Loss Article:
Nikkei writing an article and having title/content that just spew out negativity?
It happens all the time.
Originally, their title said that Nintendo had a loss AND their game sales weren't that good.
Soon, it was changed to the current...
They remove the game sales part and changed it so it said that the loss was smaller than last time.
Now why couldn't they do that first? Unlike this blog, they are supposed to be professional.


A very popular site for gamers, with reviews, images, walkthroughs, forums, etc.
However, one problem this board has had is a poor moderation system and on top of that, not exactly the most intelligent moderators. For instance, when I was once moderated, a moderator seemed to have thought I posted a post after the moderation, but if you check the time (oh how hard that is) of the post and moderation, the moderation came after I posted that post. It's like they are underestimating the intelligence of the site's users.

Anyways, for this section, there is nothing better to start it out than the xboxlover's rampage.
xboxlover2 (moderator) wanted to be dictator: 
(EDIT: I was told his full username)

Unfortunately, the topics of evidence have been deleted and I did not take screenshots at that time, so I have no picture evidence for this incident. Anyways,
This moderator one day decided that, to put it simply, you could not put facts on the Vita board for Gamefaqs. His reasoning is that putting facts, which at the moment are mostly negative, causes too much negativity and people are posting just to annoy others, especially the weekly Sales thread which shows every reader how poorly the Vita is doing. However, this contradicts the entire site, because any lively board on gamefaqs has its group of people "annoying others", like talking about hacking in the Pokemon boards. On top of that, when the 3DS was doing poorly, there were people making fun of the 3DS (still on that board too, for some masochistic reason), but the moderators did not move at that time.
In other words, xboxlover2's motive is not logical, but that he just didn't want to see negativity about the Vita. In other words, "Facts is trolling".

So he deleted the sales topic, causing the board to catch on fire with outrage. And for the next half of a day or so, he continued to delete any topic on sales and about what he did.
he deleted topics on the "Ask the Mod" board questioning him too.
In other words, he was trying his best to silence all that opposed him.

However, the next day, he was forced to post on the Vita board, telling all users that they could post about sales. However, he didn't apologize for what he caused but instead tried to make an excuse that people took his words the wrong way.
However, from his actions of deleting every possible topic he could that opposed him, there is no way he was convincing.

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