Friday, June 8, 2012

New Anime and Game Info/Thoughts (6/8/12)


A bit big this time, so cut it to a read more

Sankarea OAD: To be honest, kind of forced...

Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere Season 2's fastest airing time is 7/7

Animation looks like the usual PA Works. Not expecting much after Iroha though...

Senran Kagura Burst's official website updated
-Added the characters from Hanzou
-Began another popularity vote (Tweeter) for the characters
-System section updated with the ability to play the first game
Previous popularity vote results were:
  1. Yomi
  2. Asuka
  3. Haruka
  4. Yagyuu
  5. Ikaruga
  6. Homura
  7. Katsuragi
  8. Hibari
  9. Hikage
  10. Mirai
Taken before the game was released

Rune Factory 4 official website updated
-Videos on using magic and weapons

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