Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fire Emblem Kakusei thoughts - Smia

Smia - Pegasus Knight
Recruit: Automatic, Chapter 3

Spoilers below:

A very kind girl who likes fortune telling with flowers. Dojikko. Loyal to Krom.
Official romanization of her name is kind of weird...

As the first Pegasus Knight you get in the game, she will be useful as your only flying unit for a while, but....... unfortunately, she suffers from being a typical Pegasus Knight character and lacks power. And as you go along in the story, this lack of power really shows. On the other hand, her Mag. Def, Skill, and Spd are very high and she can do a good job against most mages, even against ones equipped with Wind tomes. I originally planned to use her through the entire game, but decided to switch to a different character as her lack of power really began to stand out.
Compared to Tiamo, Tiamo is more balanced with more Atk and Def.

Support Conversations:
She doesn't have many characters she can converse with, with very few candidates for her husband.
MyUnit - Smia talks about her love of books and how reading them allows her to imagine herself in those stories, as a stronger person. And of course, MyUnit denies this.
Krom - Smia worries about Krom working too hard and makes meals for him. And the remaining conversations were lovey-dovey "Thanks for your meals" conversations.
Fredrick - Fredrick reveals just how (overly) caring he is for Krom and how he does everything to help him, which Smia agrees and they both decide to (overly) help Krom. But Smia proves to not be so good at that type of stuff and ends up depressed, but in A conversation, she shows her ability to tame animals... And in S, they reveal their love for each other like every other S conversation.
Soware - Drinking tea, talking about their steeds, talking about how different views on the world cause wars and how they hope they can bring world peace
Gaia - Gaia tries to hunt for honey, but Smia, who sees this, thought he was looking for bees... She ends up aggravating the bees, causing them to get attacked by the bees. However, Gaia later reveals that he was looking for honey, not bees, and Smia cooks him candy in S.
Tiamo - Smia's viewpoint of predicting the future with flowers vs. Tiamo's viewpoint of doing so with her own ability. Smia explains that her habit of using flowers gives her strength in battle, because she knows that if the fortune telling shows a bright future, she is encouraged, and if not, she can work to improve the future outcome.
Henry - Henry demonstrates his curses by stopping time for plates that Smia broke. He trades bodies with Smia temporarily, when she said she wanted to try curses (Henry wanted to ride a Pegasus), but of course, she doesn't like this and Henry switches them back, but they realized how they felt for each other when they switched bodies...

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