Friday, June 22, 2012

Kid Icarus thoughts - Hawkeye Bow

 Hawkeye Bow

Sounds cool, right? Though I don't really see it used that often online, which is a shame.
It's strong points are:
-Fast charge shots
-Long range
-High shot cancellation
On the other hand:
-Takes time to charge
-Starts homing late
-Change of power by distance is big

Because the attacks start to home in a bit late, it will have a hard time hitting enemies nearby unless you aim correctly.
However, by increasing the homing with modifiers or powers, it gains the ability to take a drastic U-Turn on nearby enemies, making it easier to hit enemies close by.
However, attacks from up close do not have much power. The low-powered Aurum and Angel Bows deal more damage at the weakest point of the attacks.
The maximum power of each attack is fairly strong though.
All of this added together means you should always keep your distance from enemies, preferably the max distance. While this is true for every bow, Hawkeye especially.

However, as long as you are able to attack from afar, it is hard to stop this weapon as the charge shots are not only fast but not the most noticeable attacks out there, being a whitish arrow.
It also has higher shot cancellation than other Bows, but because it is a bow, even higher cancellation will not be able to take out some of the stronger shots out there, so you might not want to try if you can just avoid it.

For skills...
Although the change in power by distance is big, I would still suggest adding Range+3. With it, the already good range will improve to over 90m.
Increasing the Homing with +3 will also help it hit closer enemies.
And of course, the usual Dash Charge Shot+4 helps.
So in general, the typical Range, Homing, Dash Charge Shot feels like the most useful set for this bow.
However, because the Range is already satisfactory, you can trade that in for other modifiers, like Overal Defense.
Similarly, not boosting your Homing will not generally be a problem when shooting enemies from afar, as this weapon already has fairly good homing and shot speed.

For powers...
The typical Slip Shot will allow you to snipe with this Bow better than ever.
Because one weakness of this bow is that it takes time to charge, Quick Charge might be beneficial too.
On the other hand, you could Energy Charge so that one attack does more damage, instead of more attacks doing less damage. Both work.
Having Teleport will allow you to move to a far and safe area (hopefully), which is the usual Power to run away from ranged weapons.

So in general, the fighting style of this Bow is not that different from other bows, which can be boring, but I do feel it deserves more appearance time.

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