Monday, June 11, 2012

Kid Icarus thoughts - Paw Orbitars

Paw Orbitars

A set of Orbitars that have a pretty cute appearance. As a weapon, its shots have a considerably rare trait, to bounce off the walls and grounds instead of disappearing.
While this is a strong point, it can also be a weak point, as you can't just shoot from anywhere and expect it to hit to opponent. While you might find such a weapon hard to use, there are tricks to change this.
First, it's strong points:
-Charges quickly
-Dash charge shots have power, speed, and a bit of homing
Weak points:
-Charge shots are affected greatly by gravity and falls down if you shoot it up
-Charge shots bounce and might jump over your target
-Slip Shot will cause shots to slip into the ground, preventing you from hitting not close to you

So as you can see, if you can conquer the strange movements of the charged shot, this is actually a stronger than average weapon.
However, most of this weapon's strength is packed in its Forward/Back Charge Shots.
The Paw Orbitars' cont. fire is not exactly the easiest to use compared to other Orbitars, with the standing cont. fire slow and the dash cont. fire hard to hit every shot. However, it is useful in taking out weakened pray close by.
Then, the charged shots. The forward charge shot is not only fast, but it homes in and has quite the power, able to deal a OHKO if you are far enough and have enough stars/modifiers. The time it takes to charge is also short.
The standing charge shot is in every way a weaker version of the forward charge shot, so you usually won't use it.
The side charge shot is also a weaker version, but slightly better and can be used to shoot while dodging.
The back charge shot is the other strong point of the Paw Orbitars, creating a wall of animal that will block opposing shots as well as deal great damage to people who run into it. While shooting afar with the forward charge shot, use this to block out people who try to get close.
The direct attacks are typical Orbitar stuff, so you should avoid using it as much as possible.

For modifiers, the usual Range, Homing, Dash works well, but because you will be mainly using the Forward Charge Shot, and the Back Charge Shot already has enough power, you could decide to save some value and only put in Forward Charge Shot + 4 instead.
Homing+3 is, for the Paw Orbitar, a game changer because of its effect. By equipping Homing+3, the Forward Charge Shot ONLY will be able to win against gravity and fly directly towards the opponent. While it still had a tendency to home downwards, it will be easier to hit the opponents and Slip Shot will not self-destruct.
ALSO, by equipping the Power that boosts your homing, not only will the Forward Charge Dash Shot win against gravity, but the Side Charge Dash Shot will too.
With this much homing boost, the inaccurate dash cont. fire will also hit more easily, which is a pleasant extra effect.
If you plan to increase your homing greatly, then Slip Shot will work like with other weapons and help you hit targets better. It completely erases the original ability to bounce off walls though, so not using Slip Shot is an option either.
Because the Forward Charge Dash Shot already has plenty of power, you do not have to Energy Charge like other weapons to heavy damage, though doing so will make it easier to OHKO other fighters.
However, because you do not have to use these Powers to make this weapon strong, you have more room to equip yourself with other Powers, such as Status Afflication-types or Teleport or other Powers that will help if you become the Angel.

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