Monday, June 18, 2012

Kid Icarus thoughts - Crystal Bow

Crystal Bow

The most unique of all of the bows. I have been thinking about trying it out and since I managed to fuse a great one, I tried it out online and can now write about it.
The strengths of this bow are:
-Charge shots are fast, strong, and big
-Charge shots have a unique trajectory
-Direct combat attacks are fairly strong for a bow
However, it's weak points are:
-Short range
-Continuous fire are slow and very easy to dodge

With a charge shot with a range of between 30 and 35m, this is one bow where you can't just stay in a safe place and shoot slip shots.
Like many other bows, your dash charge shot will be your main weapon.
As long as you are in range, it is very easy to hit your opponent, because the attack is fast and has a large hit box. Not only that, but it has quite some power too.
However, one thing you will need to get used to is its trajectory. The Crystal Bow generally shoots up and curved, tracing a mountain. Because it doesn't shoot directly from the front like other Bows, you can bypass walls and high terrain with the correct aim.
Not only that, but the shots do not disappear when it hits a wall or floor, but instead, it bounces like a Cannon attack.
The Crystal's homing is fairly good, but because of the trajectory of the charged shots, it tends to home only weakly vertically and strongly horizontally, so be sure you level your aim when shooting.
Like many other bows, whether you shoot forward, backward, or sideways, the way the attack works generally does not change.

However, the continuous fire for this weapon is fairly weak, because every single type moves slowly.
Standing cont. fire doesn't shoot too many shots and dash cont. fire is a single attack. The homing ability is similar to the charge shots, but short range and slow speed makes it hard to use.

The direct combo is fairly strong, so you can do decent damage to people who try to melee you, but unless you decide to focus your Crystal Bow on melee stars and modifiers, it is best to run away.
Like all bows, the dash attack is fairly hard to use, with the bow spinning. You won't do much damage if every single hit makes contact.

The modifiers are pretty free for this weapon. If you want to focus on melee or mixed attacker, then you can add Direct Combo + 4.
The typical Dash Charge Shots + 4, Range + 3, Homing + 3 works fine too.
However, since the Crystal Bow already deals good damage by itself, you could spend the Dash Charge + 4 on something else, like movement speed (for direct attacks) or defense.
For a negative modifier, it might be more fitting to use Dash Cont. Fire/Standing Cont. Fire - 2 instead of Combo - 2, because you won't really use them much. Plus you save more value.
Mines just turned out this way, which is why it has Combo - 2.
But no matter what type of weapon, one really important modifier is Range + 3. Because the range of the Crystal Bow is so low, it really helps to increase it. The range of the attacks go up to 50m+ with it, allowing you to almost shoot across certain stages.

For powers, because this is not the usual bow, the usual Slip Shot power is not so needed. While it could work, you still have to get closer than any other bow to hit your opponent and randomly shooting around won't be very productive. Also, the special terrain bouncing trait will disappear.
Of course, it doesn't mean it won't work, especially with +3 Range and if you have the general idea of where they are.
Charging your energy will allow you to do a OHKO, but because you have to get closer, there is greater risk of getting hit and losing your charge.
Adding Freeze, Petrify, etc. will allow you to do damage, stop your opponent, and then do damage again, allowing you to easily 2-HKO your opponent.
Teleport is your usual friend for running away from people who try to rush you.
Invinsibility will allow you to sneak up on your opponent, allowing you to strike from up-close without notice.

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