Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nintendo E3 Conference for WiiU thoughts

Watched Nintendo's E3 conference on NicoDouga for the WiiU...

But to be honest, it was a disappointment. I guess I just expected too much, but a lot of what they showed were ports of other games, like Batman. It was nice to see information on Luigi's Mansion and Paper Mario though, and Miyamoto's act with Pikmin was cute.
I guess the main harvest was a Pikmin game and the ZombieU game. The use of the WiiU controller for the ZombieU game seemed pretty interesting.
I don't really care that much, but I laughed when Tekken used the Mushrooms.

Watching from NicoDouga, it was... amusing listening to the translators... and how the CMs' volume was way mismatched with the rest of the conference. And there was a moment when the audio was unstable and the final Iwata's presentation on various games for viewers at home started off using the English one instead of the JP one. So lots of mistakes on NicoDouga's part, but all in all, it was enjoyable. Looking forward to the 3DS one and hope that is a lot better.
To be honest, I guess one reason for my disappointment was because a lot of the games announced were the "American-aimed" games and little "Japan-aimed" games, though this is obvious, considering what the E3 is.

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