Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kid Icarus thoughts - Aurum Bow

Aurum Bow
Unlocked by beating Chapter 17's boss in Crisis Mode

The Aurum Bow is quite the strong bow, I must say. Above-average shot speed, above-average range, and above-average homing. In exchange, it lacks power, but not as much as Phosphora's Bow. Take advantage of being able to hit the enemy easily and aim to hit many "weak" attacks instead of a single "strong attack".
However, though it doesn't have much power, it still can take out the average fighter if you have enough modifier/stars/powers.
It's charged shot really curves. But unlike the Phosphora Bow in a good way, it's continuous fire also homes in fairly well, so you can rely on that to finish off a weakened enemy a lot better than the Phosphora Bow.
Be careful though that while the forward and back charged shots knock your opponent down, the side dash shot only makes them flinch.
For modifiers and abilities, the usual set (Range, Homing, Dash Shot) is good enough, but however, since it already has good homing capabilities, you could spend the cost somewhere else, like a bit of defense or use the fact it can easily hit the opponent to cause a status ailment. Slip Shot of course will help you hit the target better, allowing the homing to work anywhere.

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