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Pokemon thoughts - Ludicolo

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So about Ludicolo...
His base stats are:
HP: 80
Atk: 70
Def: 70
Sp. Atk: 90
Sp. Def: 100
Spd: 70
His ability is:
Swift Swim
Rain Dish
Own Tempo

Ludicolo, one of the aces of Rain teams, has a blessed typing of Water/Grass. By adding Grass to Water, Water's weakness to Electric and Grass disappears, which is one reason Ludicolo is treasured in Rain teams.
First, it's stats:
Other than Sp. Def, it is generally average, weaker than Kingdra in every section than Sp. Atk. However, average is not bad and it takes more than one heavy hit to take him down.
Though his stats are average, he has a strong typing and learns moves such as STAB Grass and Focus Blast, allowing him to fight off certain Anti-Rain enemies that other Pokemon like Kingdra cannot.

He has three abilities available, each good for a different moveset.
Swift Swim doubles his average speed, allowing him to outspeed many Pokemon, though depending on your nature and EVs, certain fast Scarf Pokemon will still outspeed him.
Rain Dish makes a defensive set more stable, allowing him to heal more each turn, though only in rain.
Own Temp is his option if you do not plan to use him in rain. Even without rain, he has high Sp. Def and good typing.

So because there are so many options for Ludicolo, I will split this post a little differently.
First, the moveset of the typical Swift Swim Sp. Attacker.
Ability: Swift Swim (of course)
Nature: Timid/Modest
EVs: 252 Sp. Atk, certain amount in Spd to outspeed certain Pokemon, remaining in HP
Item: Lum, Life Orb, Gem
Because Ludicolo is not the fastest Pokemon around, if you choose to do Modest, no matter how much EVs you put in, you can only speed up to Scarf +Nature BS95. However, by doing Timid, his Sp. Atk will be lower. Decide what you want Ludicolo to do and choose the nature wisely.
I would personally suggest Modest, because Kingdra can do better against most Pokemon, and the Pokemon Ludicolo have advantage against are generally not fast.
Hydro Pump - Strongest STAB move
Surf - If you are worried about Pump's accuracy
Scald - For more defensive sets
Giga Drain - Heals while doing damage
Energy Ball - Does a little more damage than Giga Drain, extra effect is pretty forgettable
Ice Beam - Against Grass that resists Water/Grass
Blizzard - Accuracy is a bit... But base power is high.
Focus Blast - Against Ferrothorn and Hydreigon
Fake Out - To take out Focus Sash, though you might not have space
There are many options, but in general, you might be safe feeling your moveset with Grass/Ice/Water, which covers a really wide range.
The 4th move is really situational though, with Focus Blast against certain Pokemon, Hidden Power Electric against Gyarados, or Leech Seed/Toxic against tanks like Porygon2 or Chansey. You can also add Rain Dance in case the Rain is removed somehow during the match.

Next, Rain Dish
Ability: Bold/Timid/Calm
EVs: 252 HP and 252 Spd/252 Def/252 Sp. Def
Item: Leftovers, Sitrus
Instead of sweeping, you can try making a wall. Ludicolo has a good typing and fairly good stats in his defences.
With Rain Dish and Rain, you can heal even faster and the Rain will make your Water attacks deal decent damage despite not investing EVs in it.
Scald - Possibly burn opponents
Leech Seed - Main weapon, doubles with item and Rain Dish for some awesome healing
Toxic - Against other walls
Ice Beam - Against Grass that resists main attacks and Leech Seed
Giga Drain - Heal while doing damage
Protect/Substitute - Stalling for time and damage
Rain Dance - Creating rain yourself
Seismic Toss - Stable damage, but at the same time, little damage. Generally, Rain Scald might be better.
A typical walling set, so there is not much to talk about. Heal while doing damage, with the ability making you even tougher than normal.

Finally, Own Tempo...
Is what I would like to say, but to be honest, Own Tempo's moveset doesn't really change much from Rain Dish. Just that Own Tempo is for when you plan to use Ludicolo out of Rain.
Although you don't heal as much as Rain Dish, your strategy cannot be disturbed by the annoying Confuse ailment, which is nice.
You can also do something like 252 HP, 252 Sp. Atk with all attacks, taking advantage of Ludicolo's attack range and typing for a basic attacker.

And following up Own Tempo is...
a physical attacker.
As you might have noticed or not noticed, Ludicolo learns Sword Dance. His Atk is also pretty average, not exactly bad.
Finally, he learns the right moves.
Not only that, but he learns physical moves of certain types that he can't use as a special attacker.
So that perfectly gives him the option of being a physical attacker.
You can use him with Swift Swim as a fast physical attacker or Own Temp, outside Rain, can prevent him from hitting himself for higher damage after he Dances.
Waterfall - Basic STAB move
Seed Bomb/Bullet Seed - Basic STAB move, Bullet Seed is not as stable, but can take out Focus Sash/Sturdy along with Pokemon
Natures Power - Earthquake, Ground-move, against any Pokemon weak to Ground
Thunder Punch - Electric-move, against Gyarados
Fire Punch - Against Ferrothorn and Scizor, not with Rain Swift Swim
Ice Punch - Typical Ice move to follow Water/Grass
Drain Punch/Brick Break - Fighting-move, Drain Punch to heal while attacking or BB to destroy Walls
Substitute - Against Will O'Wisp

And that covers all of it. As you can see, Ludicolo has a lot of options.
But before I end, I want to introduce a Ludicolo I came up with, that is not only interesting, but very helpful.
Moveset Me!:
Ability: Swift Swim
Nature: Bold
Item: Tanga Berry
EVs: 252 HP, 76 Def, 30 Sp. Atk, 4 Sp. Def, 148 Spd
-Survives Excadrill's Sword Dance Life Orb X-Scissor + Sandstorm
-Survives Excadrill's Life Orb Earthquake + Sandstorm + Life Orb X-Scissor
-Survives Kingdra's Gem Draco Meteor
-Outspeeds Scarf BS85 with 252 EV and +Nature under Rain
Hydro Pump
Giga Drain
Rain Dance
Ice Beam
Because my party (that Ludicolo is in) is weak against those fast Weather Pokemon, I came up with this guy. Able to survive any attack from those Pokemon, I can bring him out and switch the weather and then even attack from Ludicolo's side.
Against Sand, Garchomp is handled by my other Pokemon while I can switch into Excadrill and change the weather and attack.
I can survive any Sun's attacks (except Sun Power Charizard's Air Slash) and change the weather.
I cannot do so good against Hail, but my other Pokemon can handle that.
Against Rain, I can take out Ferrothorn, Politoed, and co., though for Kingdra, it depends on the moveset.
Not only can it survive attacks, but even without much EVs in Sp. Atk, Rain Hydro Pump can take out Pokemon like Mienshao in one hit.

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