Monday, June 4, 2012

First Post

Eh~ Test, test! Hi, it's serenade_beta. I tried starting a blog!
...That's it, really. Always good to try new things, I guess. It might be fun.
I intend to post mainly on my short thoughts about anime, manga, and video games I've played. For video games, I'm probably going to do Fire Emblem Kakusei, Kid Icarus, and Pokemon for now. I'm not really sure what I plan to do for anime or manga, so please comment if you have an idea. For now, I'm probably gonna just collect different news I find on anime and manga and gather them together.

So anyways, introduction aside, I hope I can entertain and be of help for whoever visits this place.
Nothing here at the moment, but I hope to try posting later on in the day.

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