Saturday, February 4, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (4/24/13)

Biggest part of this week is Tomodachi Collection (3DS)'s release, after plenty of advertisement from Nintendo! And how did it do...?

-It did great, actually. Around 4 times better than the previous game.
With 400,000+ for its first week, it shows a great improvement from the first game's 100,000. Of course, that also makes sense because it wasn't popular when it first came out. But now that its title actually has value now and fairly well received, it is also normal to see an improvement.
Anyways, comes out top of the week. Congrats!

-Luigi's Mansion finally drops, losing to 3 new games. Sales-wise, it isn't doing bad though.

-A rare occurrence, but a XBOX360 game made the list. Monster Hunter, though.

-It's been a while, but Tousouchuu is back! Wow!

-Sales-wise, not much to say. Every system sees a drop except the 3DS family. This rise is highly likely to be from Tomodachi Collection

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