Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (9/4/13)

Another week and a bit left before the very hyped and wanted Monster Hunter 4 comes out.
In the meantime, I am training characters in EO4.

Anyways, lots of new games on the PS systems, but just how did they turn out (in a couple of meanings)?
Also, why you should not trust Famitsu's reviews/scores, another evidence:
A bit of news other than the sales, so it is a bit long this week too.

-As one expects, Jojo's new game by CC2 and BanNam tops the list.
..........BUT! If you were following the JP community, you already know that the game is heavily criticized. Along with a poorly designed game (infinite combos, lagging online, poorly done story mode), BanNam's greed for money goes beyond bounds, trying to rip players of as much money as the players are foolish. Unlockable characters for money, if you want to play a lot in one day you pay money, Money Money Money. A severe drop in prices around stores and a large load of 1-2 stars on Amazon.
Famitsu gave this game a perfect score. I think people can agree with me that there is clearly something affecting the scoring system beyond the actual game itself. You know, like money.

And BanNam is bad (as usual), but CC2 isn't that great either. Their president makes death threats:
Also, he deleted this tweet after it was displayed on 2ch. So we know he is watching 2ch. Which is fine itself, though. But of course, he didn't delete it fast enough for people to get screenshots and caches of it.

So anyways, Jojo sells well in the first week, when people did not know anything.
Next week is where it will get interesting.

-Final Fantasy 14's online game? came out. Compared to Dragon Quest 10, DQ was around 420,000.
Also hearing about difficulty logging in. Square Enix.............................. ( -_-)

-Ragnorak Odyssey Ace for the Vita. Result is 31,622.
Ragnorak Odyssey (original) for the Vita did 33,496.
Not much change.

-Lost Planet 3
PS3: 27,503
XBOX360: Unknown
Reviews as disastrous as Jojo. Not sure about previous sales, but anyways, looks bad.

Other than these, not too much news. The top 3DS games remain steady in sales. Conception for the 3DS and Wonderful 101 disappear already. Conception, fortunately, 101, unfortunately.

System sales, 3DS stays strong while most systems see a drop. Despite a new game, Vita drops to 4 digits (well, from the sales, it seems mostly people who bought the first game=bought a Vita bought the new version). PS3 sees a boost thanks to Jojo.
I feel sorry for the people that bought a PS3 just for Jojo though...

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