Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (7/17/13)

Pikmin's week!
But to be honest, I'm more happier about the new Yugioh game announced for the 3DS! It's been two years after all. And to be honest, I don't like the current Yugioh enough to spend loads of money on cards.

-Of course, the highlight of this week is Pikmin! It's been a while since a game with some name was released on the WiiU (not counting Multis or Ports).
The result was 90,000+ on Media, 100,000+ on Famitsu.
According to Famitsu:
Pikmin:   101,299
Pikmin 2 : 161,930

Apparently, there is also a DL version of Pikmin 3, so using Famitsu's 100,000, add 10% for DL?
And we get around 110,000. Not bad, not good, I guess.

-Luigi U was also released, but this game also has a DL version and considering the price difference and how many of the people buying Luigi will have already bought the original Mario and thus bought the DL, it is hard to judge the results here.

-Youkai Watch at 50,000+.
To be honest, I never really cared about Level 5's games and do not have much data on their new games, so I can't really compare. I guess the results are fairly good?

-As a result of Pikmin (and slightly, Luigi?), the WiiU finally sees a boost.
Well, duh, not really something I need to point out, I guess.
On the other hardware, it is a pretty quite week. 3DS around the 40,000 area, Vita dropping, etc.

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