Sunday, February 5, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (5/1/13)

I finished Fire Emblem Gaiden and I'll write a finished review about it, once I get a chance to take a few pics.
Also, after the busy week is over, I might find the energy to write some articles...

Anyways, not particularly an interesting week, though this week is the week that Vita supposedly finally restocked. There was an excuse going around that the reason for the low sales was supply, you see. And the result...

Well, I guess it was partially true?
While most systems saw a drop, including the 3DS family, the Vita increased.
However, the increase was in the 4 digits, so I don't know if it was because of supply or the new game that came out, Photokano.

By the way, I gave up on the anime for Photokano after 1 episode. It was bad.

-Tomodachi Collection stays at the top of the list, passing the half-million point in its second week, despite the many new games that came out.

-Photokano comes out for the Vita, at 30,172. Comparison using Famitsu,
Photokano   37,632
Photokano Kiss 37,680
Incredibly steady numbers!

-Another rare occurrence, but 3 XBOX360 games are on the list!

By the way, an entertaining thing, but:
Famitsu on the left, 4Gamer/MediaCreate on the right:
3DS   57199    58938
Vita   17070       21399
PS3   15353    14682 
Wii U  8058    8262 
PSP   .8265     7536
There is only one system that shows a strange change.
I'm sure there is no foul play though. (...)
BTW, MediaCreate had an article about blaming the Vita's sale drops on supplies...

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