Friday, February 24, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (9/18/13)

⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃ブーン
Monster Hunter week!
And the results do not disappoint! And comparisons.

-Monster Hunter 4 debuts with  1,715,060 in 2 days!
Compared to previous series games:
MHP   329,455 (4 days)
MHP2  746,313(4 days)
MHP2G 823,265(4 days)
MHP3   2,146,467(5 days)
MH3G  471,055(2 days)
MH4   1,875,000(2 days)

On top of that, let's say 10% for DL version (I hear lots of people bought the DL version, but no exact data), using Famitsu once again:
1,875,000 * 1.1 = 2,062,500
Considering this number is only 2 days instead of 5, I guess you can say MH4 actually did the best out of the entire series so far. In other words, victory?

-And sharing the joy is the 3DS, with a combined total well over 200,000.
Heck, 3DS (original) itself beats every other game console. Including the LL, the pie chart on 4Gamer has turned into a Pacman closing his mouth.
Famitsu's graph is even more hilarious!

Also to be noted is the great boost in LL and not original. Looks like most who hasn't gotten a 3DS is getting the LL version.

-And a couple of otaku games following MH4. However, just because they are 2nd and 3rd doesn't mean the sales even comes close.
As far as anime goes, Brother's Conflict wasn't particularly interesting and came off as a Sister Princess rip off. AKB was a good anime, but I don't give a bit of care about the real ones.

-Mario and Luigi RPG4 as steady as ever.

-Another big drop for that horrible game, Jojo ASB. But I'm surprised people are still buying it. Well, it is cheap now, after all

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