Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (6/6/13)

Test post,
And trying to catch up,

this week's game sales!
But unfortunately, it is a slow week, especially for hardware sales.

Even the 3DS family is only barely above 40000.

But software-wise,
And bit more eventful here?
-Tomodachi Collection rises back to first, passing the million mark! Congrats!

-Luigi's Mansion is now 3/4 the way to a million.

-And Megami Tensei has a steady 2nd week?

-A poor showing for Nyaruko? Only around 6000-7000.
Though to be honest, the anime isn't really that interesting. The second season especially really hasn't been that...

-And a XBOX360 game on the list.

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