Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (4/3/13)
Not that much this week, though a couple of games came out for the WiiU.

-As new games came out, the WiiU sees a raise to 20,000+
-However, both games did not do that great.
-However, Dragon Quest is a port of the Wii game and you can play Wii games on the WiiU, so it makes sense that there wasn't much sales for the WiiU version
-Wario's 22,491 is low if you look at the Made in Wario games, but as a separate Wario game, it is actually on the same track (Wario Land Shake - 25,377)

-Luigi is still at the top with 6 digits! Wow!
-According to Famitsu, Animal Crossing (3DS) has crossed the 3 million mark!
4Gamer's is close.

-A couple of new games for the Vita, but it did not see an increase this week. I guess both games on the list weren't able to attract new users

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